Building One Loyal Customer at a Time

Urban Hardware is building one loyal customer at a time by investing the time into relating to the customer in a way that not only focuses on the experience, but, more importantly, builds a sense of ownership by being a part of the local community.

Urban Hardware isn’t your huge, big box building store. Nor is it your tiny neighborhood hardware. It’s an upscale hardware concept that’s somewhere in between. They brought in JGA to conceptualize the experience and design a branded environment.

The client’s goals of this first store in Alpharetta, Georgia, were to differentiate, to give customers a better shopping experience and to get them to embrace the brand. We knew to do that, we had to relate to the customers not only from a category perspective, but also from a local perspective.

Ninety percent of Urban Hardware’s customers are DIYers. But within that, there are levels of how much you really do yourself – from those that want to be completely involved to only partially involved. Hence, you’ll see a huge workshop area where customers can drop off screens, sharpen every kind of blade imaginable and even thread a pipe. This is a store where customers expect to find things they wouldn’t find in mass retailers and the service to match. JGA partnered with Redwood Logic and Yunker to bring to life an eclectic environment that reflects the brand and the community it services. You’ll notice a flower pot “trellis” over the garden cash wrap, a Weber grill “ceiling” plane over the outdoor BBQ area, a one-of-a-kind paint can chandelier and other custom 2D and 3D elements.

The result is a nicer, cleaner, more creative and fun shopping experience for the consumer in about 40,000-50,000-square-feet, or about half the size of the mass chain competitors. People bring their dog in; they make it part of their day.

“Our customers love this store and we could not be happier,” says Tim Weeks, Executive Vice President at Urban Hardware. And that makes us happy, too.