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Focus On: Empowerment
High-Style Digs for The Clinic
While traditional department stores are declining, off-price retailers are growing, with Gordmans being one to watch. The off-price segment is resistant to e-commerce's disruption because shoppers don't need to compare those prices to online retailers like Amazon -- they already have the best deals right in front of them. Gordmans commands people to come in to the store to find good deals, and LOTS of them. While the average department store shopper buys 2-3 items per trip, the typical Gordmans customer purchases 5+. Thus, Gordmans sells through inventory and receives fresh merch at a rapid place. Compared to competitors that often make a chaotic and messy journey for the customer to finally find what they're looking for, Gordmans, with the help of JGA, offers customers a curated collection of products, similar to an organized high-end department store. WATCH THE NEWS STORY HERE.
Empowering Diamond Buyers In addition to off-price stores like Gordmans, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc., retailers on the other end of the value spectrum such as dollar stores and JGA-designed Five Below are also largely immune from the so-called "Amazon effect." Several reports have confirmed that the customer who shops at Five Below is deriving unique value from their chosen shopping venue -- customers are flocking there in search of value and prefer a treasure-hunt browsing experience (again, it's all about experience as we're in the Experience Economy now!). Also, recent data shows that items are 50 percent-plus less expensive at Five Below than on Amazon for similar products.
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What's Trending: Empowerment Through Design
How we all long for a simpler retail time when value was an easy equation of price and quality, with clear distinctions between good, better and best. In today's world, the value equation has become more complicated while quality has become much less of a differentiator between channels…
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