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High-Style Digs for The Clinic
An online-only jeweler for 16 years, Blue Nile partnered with JGA to develop proof of concept for its first physical "store" model, and the "Webroom" was born. The un-stocked, 470 sq. ft Webrooms allow shoppers to experience their personal, customized ring shopping (and building) journey in person before ordering online. This "un-store" eliminates skeptics' barrier to entry with its defined alternative to either a pure online or pure physical purchase behavior. With these strategically designed high-tech Webrooms, Blue Nile's efficient footprint versus the massive overhead of traditional jewelers allowed them to simultaneously disrupt and leverage the brick and mortar experience…Webrooms = no inventory and no security, just web-enabled sales.
Empowering Diamond Buyers
As the cannabis industry moves from "back alley" to "Main Street," weed retailers must provide a professional and emotionally connected experience, unlike the average "storefront walkup." Complementarily catering to both serious, medical-oriented consumers and more carefree, lifestyle consumers under the same roof is a delicate balance. Leveraging consumer reference points such as "farm-to-table," "nature-enhanced," etc. are great places to start…Short of making this consumer connection, cannabis stores will live in retail purgatory, with little uniqueness differentiating one from the other. One great disruptor that reflects this is JGA-designed The Clinic, which has "become one of the most recognizable brands in cannabis by emphasizing patient care and premium products."
In The News
- ***Ken Nisch interview-turned-feature news story (making NRF SmartBrief and more…)***
- JGA-designed Five Below ranked 17th on STORES Hot 100 Retailers
- Forbes: "…that's the answer to the retail apocalypse laying waste to so many regional malls" as stated by JGA
- JGA continues 2018 growth with new exec hire
What's Trending: Empowerment Through Design
Disruptors come in all forms and interestingly, not just from the same industry. Retailers don't disrupt retail. They are only competitors. Brick and mortar has been fundamentally altered by a non-retailer - armed with powerful algorithms - who started the earth's largest bookstore without any walls and who now seems unstoppable. Many see Amazon's Jeff Bezos as a true heartbreaker. I see him as a hero…
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