Focus On: Authenticity
the american audience loves an open book
Shinola was founded with the goal to make quality products in America, and that's exactly what they've been doing ever since. Staying true to their core value of authenticity, Shinola has remained transparent, listing their components' origins on their website and offering public tours of the factory. JGA was proud to partner with Shinola in designing multiple of their locations, including the just-opened Chicago location.
walking the talk
"If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them" is a statement from Orvis held long and true. A small business that began with a love of fly fishing 160+ years ago, Orvis stands strong today as the leader in outdoor lifestyle. Orvis donates 5% of pre-tax profits every year to protecting nature and offers a unique matching grant program that's raised more than $20 million towards wildlife conservation. Check out the retailer's inspiring timeline..
In The News
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- New "CNBC of cannabiz" website launched by Forbes reporter features Nisch guest editorial
- Metro Detroit's best known mall adds 15 new retailers
What's Trending: Valuing your mission and staying authentic
No matter the industry, we know that there is a hunger in this country for authenticity, quality, and for things made here by American workers. American consumers have been duped and are demanding transparency, demanding to know the "why, where, what and who" behind the products they are buying whether it be watches or produce or denim...
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