Focus On: Customer Connection
Connecting Through Life's Celebrations
Since 1954, family owned iconic brand James Avery has lived out its mission of "celebrating life through the beauty of design" by deeply connecting with the hearts of its customers. James Avery takes pride in delighting its patrons with one-of-a-kind, artisanal jewelry pieces that are memory markers for special occasions, such as hand-crafted charms symbolizing milestones, holidays, favorite pastimes, and much more. Read how deep the connection goes in this issue's guest editorial.
Providing More Than Just Products
Unlike traditional retail stores, the JGA-designed Eastwood store provides a gathering place for car enthusiasts to meet and share workspaces together. It incorporates an experiential format, including hands-on usage and interactive training of products. Customers and car enthusiasts alike are drawn to this true auto shop environment with project vehicles, educational classes and the opportunity to try products before purchase.
Focusing on Customer Enjoyment First
Fannie May partnered with JGA to renovate its downtown Chicago store to deeper connect with their customers and become much more relevant throughout the entire day for them. In the revamped, open environment, customers can grab specialty drinks and desserts while enjoying the cafe seating and window area, bringing a third place to the brand's gifting tradition.
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Imagination Retail: The Real Customer
Experience People Crave
What's Trending: Celebrating Life Through the Beauty of Design
In the early days, James Avery would drive out to the youth camps in the Texas Hill Country to show his artful designs to the campers. The campers loved seeing his jewelry, especially the charms that symbolized the special times they had that summer, the activities they enjoyed, the cabins they stayed in, and the dear friendships they had developed.
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