Focus On: Place-Based Retail
Spence Diamonds Makes Sparkling Debut
At Spence Diamonds, now open in San Jose and Austin, guests explore jewelry with transparent pricing, offering a clear understanding on how their Artisan Diamonds and mined jewels are created. Its fresh new innovative store design combines a fun experience with a responsible and refreshingly new way to buy. Girl's Best Friend.
Jockey Bra - A Perfect Fit
At Jockey Bra, the approach to retail is as innovative as the product itself. Taking a truly omnichannel approach to shopping through direct consumer, online, and especially brick and mortar, graphics are used extensively throughout the space using digital screens and tablets, print graphics, visual prompts and elements that help educate about Jockey's revolutionary volumetric fitting approach.
Communicating Artistry and Tradition
James Avery Jewelers leverages digital media to create engaging consumer experiences. Whether at its Heritage Center, 73 jewelry stores, or 118 in-store shops at Dillard's; the brand utilizes displays to incorporate the contemporary world of digital media into their branded environments without disrupting their classic feel infused by its heritage and tradition.
The Importance of Human Touch
We love digital. And you know we love Branded Environments, it's in our DNA. But while we praise the importance of digital touchpoints in this Retail Focus issue, there is a counterpoint. Retailers also have to keep in mind the importance of "good old fashioned" human touch too. Experiential Magic Mix.
In The News
- Cannabis is Booming at The Clinic in Denver
- Whole Foods and Community Experiences
- First Soft Surroundings Store Comes to Michigan
Place-Based Digital Media
Digital technology is rapidly permeating all areas of life, from home to work, and increasingly in the places we shop, learn, and play. The places we visit now have digital experiences embedded into their environments. This merging of the physical and digital worlds is referred to as place-based digital. Place-based digital continues to gain traction...
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