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Volume 6 - 2012 Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. -- Lao Tzu
Mike Jbara
What is the Sound of Your Brand?
By Mike Jbara

When it comes to attracting an audience, music is more powerful than it's ever been. "What is the Sound of Your Brand?" is a new way of thinking about how music can establish a brand identity, reinvent a brand, or add value to retail and marketing campaigns. Warner Music Group has broad expertise in helping companies use music to deliver "must-have" products and outstanding customer experiences. We partner with brands to understand their needs, forge a music strategy and deliver a concrete plan of action.

Creative Assets
Warner Music Group is home to a wide range of new stars and legendary artists with huge communities of fans. We're focused on the platforms, content and branding opportunities that will excite and engage customers. These include physical and digital recorded music, custom products, name and likeness deals, artist merchandise and live events. Our catalog covers all tastes and all forms of fan behavior, so whether it's through pop, rock, electronic, country, jazz, or classical, we can reach almost any type of consumer.

Research is done on the audience profile of the brand or retailer. We don't just consider music; it is also important to know what else your customers consume (goods, media, social media, fashion, etc.) in order to identify authentic connection points. Market analysis is then used to find mutually beneficial collaborations between our music and your brand. The right music can transform a brand and become a bridge to consumers, both existing and new.

The Process
The process begins by identifying objectives and asking the right questions, including:
-- Who is your customer?
-- How do you plan to reach your customers?
-- What are you asking your customers to do?
-- How do they engage with music?

The answers to these questions create the building blocks for a unique campaign that is specifically tailored to your brand.

Consider these opportunities as ways to integrate sound into your brand:
-- New Product Launches
-- Member Loyalty and Reward Programs
-- Driving Traffic to Physical Locations
-- Website, Facebook, YouTube Campaigns
-- Data Capture
-- Philanthropic Initiatives
-- Customer Relationship Management
-- Anniversary or Historically Significant Retail/Brand Milestones

Chevy Sonic Has Fun
For example; Chevy licensed the band Fun's "We Are Young ft. Janelle Monae" for a national commercial in order to promote the new Chevy Sonic.
-- Consumers who visited letsdothis.com received a download of the track. The program saw a 100% redemption rate.
-- The Chevy Sonic - Fun commercial was played during the 2012 Super Bowl reaching an audience of over 160 million.
-- The joint effort of Chevy and WMG created one of the most memorable campaigns of the 2012 Super Bowl.

How can WMG help companies attract and engage more customers, and for longer? We have access to new technologies, emerging digital platforms, fresh marketing ideas and unforgettable artists and music. Music can give your brand more depth, more sound and more life. What is the sound of your brand?


Mike Jbara is the President and CEO of WEA Corporation (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic) within Warner Music Group. Based in New York, Jbara is responsible for the company's overall strategic direction and day-to-day operations from sales and marketing to production and distribution. Before being named President and CEO, Jbara served as WEA's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, transforming WMG's traditional manufacturing and distribution division into a digitally savvy, multi-faceted distribution hub. Jbara has also served as WEA's Vice President, Production and Media Operations, and Vice President, Operations and Studio Services. For more on Warner Music Group, click here.
Picture Me
Say Cheese: PictureMe
Portrait Studios Now Open

With 90% of all Americans living within 15 miles of a Walmart, and where its customers are served an incredible 200 million times per week; the PictureMe Portrait Studio provides an important and value-added service to the overall shopping experience. The new Portrait Studio is being rolled out nationwide to create an experience that reflects the PictureMe brand in an environment complementary to its host, Walmart. In a collaborative effort between JGA and M Coy Group (fixture fabrication), PictureMe Portrait Studios are divided into three major activity centers: The Attraction, the Connection, and the Studio. For more, click here.
Make Meaning
Make Meaning: Come for the Experience
In a New York Times feature by Stephanie Clifford, the importance of store experience rings through to attract consumers to retail developments and keep them coming back for more. Highlighted in the story is JGA-designed Make Meaning, an interactive environment for creating crafts, cakes and other goodies, which creates an in-store experience that cannot be duplicated online. For more, click here.
Sleep Number
Sleep Number: A View from Brazil
In their monthly newsletter, FAL (Falzoni Alves Lima) featured the JGA-designed award-winning Sleep Number project in their August issue of Inspiracão & Varejo. In Portuguese, it describes "Sleep Number é uma marca americana de camas e acessórios," as the U.S. brand who provides the opportunity for "personalized sleep." To see the article in its entirety, click here.

On a related note, JGA was honored to receive the "2012 Vision Award," by Sleep Number at their recent Partner Conference. Sleep Number bestowed the accolade in recognition of our partnership to advance their company's long term goal of unparalleled brand awareness.
First Tweet Mirror Unveiled at Parx
In a prototype designed by JGA and Future Research Design Company, Parx has introduced the first interactive mirror used in Indian retailing. The Tweet Mirror by Nedap, installed at select Parx locations in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chandigarh offers the brand's tech savvy dynamic young customers a new digital interactive experience. Consumers can make a stylish apparel selection at the store while interacting with their friends. Read more here.
In The News
Chicago Tribune: Coach Flagship Reopens on the Miracle Mile / City Target Now Open
Chicago Tribune reporter Corilyn Shropshire recently reported on the reopening of the Michigan Avenue Coach flagship. JGA Director of Client Strategy, Patrick Dalessandro, commented on the revamped store," Coach as a brand has always done a good job of redefining itself. Case in point is when they filled the chasm between accessible cost-effective handbags and luxury." For more, read here.

Shropshire also reported on the opening of the new CityTarget store on State Street, a concept about two-thirds the size of a typical Target. In that story, Dalessandro was asked about the urban concept store. Dalessandro commented, "Small is the new big, and no one really knows what the future holds for this format." For the full story, click here.

Detroit Free Press: Tee Time in Detroit Shows City Love
Staff writer, Georgea Kovanis, reported on the proliferation of Detroit's latest fashion trend: T-shirts that tout our love for and loyalty to the city of Detroit. JGA chairman, Ken Nisch, commented, "Detroit shirts are riding the hipness of the Detroit brand. The shirts have moved past political statement into fashion statement." Read more here.

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