For over 30 years, Tapper’s has been the destination for understated elegance in marking life’s most important moments. The goal in the remodel of their luxury mall destination was to immerse Millennials and Gen Z consumers in an environment that expands to being more about storytelling, authenticity, and craftsmanship. The “origami-like” metallic finish ceiling acts as a dramatic background to the store’s gunmetal and edge-lit sign, carried horizontally into the store and terminating in the focal digital wall that features lifestyle, fashion, brand and designer stories and images.  We added walk-around cases to promote side-by-side consultation, versus the traditional back and front customer positioning. In addition, a social bar enhances the aspects of socialization, serves as a natural point for in-store events and trunk shows, and is a welcoming “third place” for shoppers and shopping companions alike.

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