While “Born in Europe,” Springfield is not focused on one culture, instead always relaxed and expressive. It is more of a brand acclaimed by its customers, rather than one that seems self-conscious. Their consumers possess the same attitude. They wear the Springfield brand with a degree of freedom and individuality, and seamlessly blend aspects of their work, play, weekend, and weekday by adjusting and modifying the elements of their wardrobe versus their wardrobe itself.  Within the Springfield retail environment, it is more about finding ways to bring the attitude to life, blending the concept to coexist within the city as well as in the more traditional and neutral suburban setting. From one perspective, the space appears planned, while from another, random. Playing off of dramatically varying light levels and sources, highly contrasting materials and combining geometries are organized and rational, while others are simply for presentation of product and displays. They draw their inspiration from vintage and rummage. Their distinctive point of view proclaims, “Springfield: Born in Europe, but ready for the World.”