Fantasy World


Fantasy World brings together the choice, depth and variety of a toy superstore, coupled with the interactivity, intimacy and personal service of a specialty boutique. While maintaining open flow and sightlines throughout the store, a customer can easily recognize a strong sense of departments, zones, and interest areas appealing to the preschool, young child, and preteen boy or girl; ranging through categories such as sweets, science, creative play, games and outdoor. The latest store brings together the most beloved and familiar elements of the Fantasy World experience, but with a new twist on the store’s experience and elements. Expanded and newly added specialty merchandise signature categories include vignette room displays appealing to tweens; Bike Mountain, a monumental vertical display of the store’s deep and broad bike-and-cycle assortment; and Sweets, a whimsical candy, impulse, and novelty display zone that provides a variety of scale and merchandising textures, distinctively setting it apart from the more organized and property-defined areas of the store’s other departments.

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