For over 75 years, the Cortefiel brand has been synonymous with quality and style. In this prototype and its boutique-like texture, the environment creates a series of proprietary touchpoints (drawing from the use of materials, geometries and personalities) differentiating between the fashionforward and classic sub-brands. Organic forms (such as the chrome spiraling display rack) bring a new contemporary style to the brand. Cantilevers, molded and organic shapes, unique applications and materials stretch the functional design parameters of traditional European retailers. Larger, spacious fitting rooms provide a new sense of this being “my place.” The cashwrap moved to the rear of the store encourages exploration. The more tailored and casual areas are defined and balanced as a “dance” between architecture, fixtures, environmental finishes, lighting, and visual techniques that give an impression of both continuity and diversity among sub-brands. The clothing is organized around collections, along with an extensive assortment of accessories and seasonal items such as outerwear. A blend of investment clothing desirable for its long term wearability and comfort, durability and quality, as well as seasonal fashions more impulsive in motivation,
launches the retailer as the “just right” store, now with a prototype reflecting the brands’ freshness and distinction.