Before You Go Outside, Step Inside Orvis

Since 1856, Orvis has offered customers distinctive clothing, the world’s finest fly fishing rods and tackle, upland hunting gear, dog beds, luggage, and travel accessories. Today, Orvis is the trusted source of discovery and adventure in the natural world. They are also a premier source for education and information on fly fishing, sport shooting and for dog lovers.

Each product and the services Orvis offers are rooted in their deep heritage, inspired by the brand’s love of the wild, and backed by superior customer service and a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. So, when it came time to update their stores, we knew that the space still needed to reflect those deep roots and premium quality and do so with a new engaging experience.


Since its inception, the Orvis mission has been to guide its patrons to lead more fulfilling lives through a deep personal connection to the adventure and wonders of the natural world. JGA’s goal was to create those connections throughout the space so that visitors experienced them harmoniously. Whether collecting a premium Orvis fly rod or rewarding “man’s best friend” with an Orvis premium bed or toy, the new Orvis concept store communicates an experience that is both equally premium and relaxed.

We did this through the creation of a multi-zoned space, differentiated through lighting, finishes and materials, scale, visual merchandising, and activity hubs. So, the customer, whether entering in through the defined fly shop entrance or through the main door, feels equally at home, roaming, engaging and enjoying all aspects of the Orvis offer.

By creating a series of rooms, new discoveries are found around each and every corner. It establishes a flow where customers are drawn to the next experience, be it the learning and gathering table within the fly shop, the central “hearth,” the use of large landscape scale back illuminated graphics, and the inner mixing of simple hand crafted racking with collected and curated tables and furniture.

We brought the outdoors inside with accents such as large scale planes of distressed “planking and squares” and a faux plan-like wood finish dividing soffits in massive over scaled cabinetry. This provides warmth and weight to the environment and allows the balance of the finishes to be neutral. The background for the texture, materiality and detailing allows Orvis clothing and accessories to live authentically.

Extensive opportunities for windows and natural light were captured within the space, providing dramatic night time views for the passerby and as well a sense of openness and airiness for the shopper.  The stores strong, but simple presentation appeals equally to the woodsman and as well the suburban weekend enthusiast, whether shopping for premium equipment or that perfect tailgate sweater.